Seven again, STC

Doug and I repeated our Monday seven at seven. This Friday we plan a longer run, maybe 10 miles, starting at 6:30. And it looks like I will need new shoes; the dreaded “black toe” isn’t getting any better.

I just submitted a proposal for STC 2006, which has a pretty well-designed online submission thingee. I’ve never been to STC but think it’ll be interesting to attend a conference not dominated by academics. My proposed presentation extends my work with the parallels of accessibility and usability advocates of the former often make. While some of this so-called synergy is genuinue, I think these parallels are fraught with peril: accessibility and usability are married, then tacked onto the end of whatever project is at hand. Or the definitions are mixed, diluting both (this is what my co-presenter Sushil Oswal will be talking about).

Regardless of acceptance, I think I’ll have enough material on this to write a full-length paper before too long.

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