Odds and ends

Started the day with the Road Runners: a hot and humid run with Doug and Dennis. I got a &$#!% gut cramp, again. I’ve got to do some Googling and find some exercises to make these things go away. The changing weather should help; it rained like hell Friday night, and it’s supposed to drop into the 50s nightly for the next few days.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked through the bookmarks I’ve accumulated on the computers I use regularly, and added everything still viable (yeah, there were a fair number of dead links) to my del.icio.us. Today I added bookmarks from a previous Linux install. Part of the motivation for this tidy-up was putting an old problem to bed, but I also wanted to make sites that I think are useful available to 480 students. I realize now, looking at the measly 200+ links I’ve accumulated, how many URLs I just type in, with the aid of Firefox’s URL completion. Also, I find the weblogs I read regularly using the Sage RSS reader, so those sites didn’t make it into del.icio.us. Maybe I need to upload my Firefox history to del.icio.us. But that won’t solve the problem of password-protected content or URLs which contain POST data–that’s a problem no bookmarks can get around.

Classes begin tomorrow, for me at 9:00 am. I’m looking forward to the semester; I think 480 is going to be a great class, and teaching the same 199 syllabus as my office-mate will be a lot of fun. Like Collin, I don’t think the end of the summer is the cause for wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not too many folks get the chance to do what college professors get to do every summer. I was reminded of this last Friday, when I helped a bit with TA orientations. Our TAs are paid a stunningly low stipend and they teach four classes a year. Regardless, I heard a lot of great stories about summer trips and research, and lots of enthusiasm about the upcoming semester.

Anybody who whines at me tomorrow is gonna get an earful.

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    Lower. Although they do get health insurance.

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