Four runs

As usual, Tuesday means Doug and I did speed training: 3 1600m intervals with warmup and cooldown. We ran the intervals at a 6:50/mi pace, which kicked my butt. Thankfully, Thursday’s run will be only 3 miles at a 8 minute pace.

Last week just three runs, all FIRST training with Doug:

9/18 13.1mi, 2:00:58 (9:14/mi)
9/15 8mi, 1:08:04 (7 mi tempo run @ 8:15/mi plus warmup/cooldown)
9/13 6.1 mi, 0:56:22 (800m intervals @ 7:00/mi plus warmup/cooldown)

I still problems with cramping on the half-marathon, though this time not until I got to 12 miles. I think I need to take water next time.

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3 Responses to Four runs

  1. Testboy says:

    Wear your Camelbak, man!

  2. nicole h says:

    Eat more bananas!!

  3. cbd says:

    Though the apples have been lovely around here lately, it’s hard to argue against the banana.

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