One hand washes the other

The Fox News Channel enjoys high cable TV ratings, largely due to a following of conservative viewers who enjoy their leading men: Cavuto, North, O’Reilly, Gibson, Hannity, etc. These folks consistently attack immorality, perversion, debasement of the traditional family, and the like.

The Fox network, at least according to the Parents TV Council, makes its ratings supplying the American public with the exactly those things.

This is as funny as the news that Microsoft will soon enter the anti-spyware business.

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2 Responses to One hand washes the other

  1. Chelsea says:

    The P.T.C article was hilarious! Some of my favorite quotes:

    “It is clear that Hollywood does not care about families–network executives should be ashamed and millions of families should be offended at their actions.”

    Translation-Hollywood eats babies and hates our freedom! If millions of people are watching then apparently we know something that the P.T.C doesn’t.

    The article got even better when it described the “worst shows for families.” More specifically, The Family Guy.

    “One episode this season featured Meg being deflowered by Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live.

    Pure comic genius! The only thing I’m ashamed of is that I missed that episode!

  2. Nicole says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Freakin Hilarious. Some people are so up-tight. You feel sorta sorry for the kids because the world isn’t the nice friendly place that thier parents pretend to them that it is, and you feel bad for those kinda parents because it is thier kids who will grow up, go to college and go completely OUT OF CONTROL because they have been so sheltered for so long. America is so full of irony… o, and I DID see that episode.. hilarious, but aren’t they all. O, and I like that show Cold Case. It was based of that Cold Case Files show from like court tv or whatever (which I love) and it is good!! Sometimes people kill people, its a fact of life… now I’m going to go engage in premarital sex because i watched it on “The Family Guy” and if Meg can do it must be okay… J/K.. but really… who says “deflowered” ??? These people are morons….

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