Odds and ends Sunday

Today 13.1 mi with Doug: 1:56:51, or 8:55/mi. We ran the last two miles at 8:16 and 8:24. Very good news: I wanted to start slower and finish fast. And this time is four minutes faster than my last half-marathon.

I hung a bunch of pictures. Erin wants to hang more after we find out if the young-un is a boy or a girl. Still need to clean up the basement.

I’m really enjoying The Moment of Complexity: the central opposition of the first chapter, grid vs. network, clicks right into my argument in “Tabling the Grid.” I can move from the parallels Taylor builds with architecture and design to the parallels with <table> and web design. The grid of <table> keeps the network at bay in web design in the same way, and for the same reasons, as Taylor sees in larger cultural trends.

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