At home with Madelyn

Erin and I have been home with Madelyn since Sunday afternoon. We’re settling into a routine of nursing, changing diapers, and getting used to never being caught up on housework 🙂

Madelyn is a super baby; she fusses like mad when she makes a present for Daddy in her diaper, but she quiets as soon as I clean her up. She loves to be held. So far, she’s doing very well sleeping between Erin and I, or just napping with mom:

My girls napping

Nursing is going well for Erin. And she is feeling good; she’s healing quickly, which makes me very happy. I mentioned that her labor was pretty rough: Erin lost a lot of blood, but she’s back on track now. I can’t say enough about Michelle Reeves, Erin’s doctor. She was stellar. I never once felt like Madelyn or Erin was in danger; Dr. Reeves was gentle, informative, and gave Erin exactly the kind of care she wanted. You can’t ask for much more.

These past few days, I’ve been continually looking down to make sure my feet are touching the ground. And I’ve been thinking that now is one of the times being a college professor is soooo worth it. After two weeks of family leave, I return for a week of classes, get a week of Thanksgiving break, return for two weeks, and then get a month for Christmas. While I miss teaching, I’ll always treasure being home for these first days with my girls.

Update 11/3: Erin posted more pictures.

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13 Responses to At home with Madelyn

  1. tengrrl says:

    what a good daddy you are 🙂

  2. Jeff Watkins says:

    I’m glad to hear Mom & Madelyn are doing well. I’m going to have to take un-paid leave when Anna gives birth (in a month) because I don’t yet qualify for parental leave. Damn.

    Congratulations, but of course, now you know you have two masters…

  3. Anna says:

    Many congrats to all! Jeff and I are so incredibly happy for you!

    It’s an incredibly sweet picture- I am tearing up just looking at the peaceful faces.

  4. cbd says:

    If my experience is any indication, the time off will be worth however much salary you’ll miss.

  5. John says:

    I’m glad to hear all is well in the Dilger household. Just think, in a few years you’ll get to go trick-or-treating with Madelyn. One of my high school friends wrote today to say how much fun he had last night taking his oldest, a 4-year old, out trick-or-treating for the first time.

  6. jenny says:

    They’re both beautiful. I’m so happy just seeing this picture.

  7. cbd says:

    Last night, when Madelyn was screaming her head off, I thought, “Think of the picture…”

  8. Rachel says:

    What an adorable picture. Congratulations! The image fills me with happiness. (But is it because feelings of happiness from such an image have been forced upon me by cultural ideology and code or because I got meaning from the image from what you wrote about it?)

  9. cbd says:

    Ideological or not, enjoy your happiness!

  10. susan says:

    hope mommy is feeling better. please send her all my love. thanks.
    can’t wait to see more pictures!!!!!!

  11. cbd says:

    Mom is great. So is the wee one. And see above for more pix. With plenty more from Erin (shutterbug) on the way.

  12. Clancy says:

    There are some really cute onesies here. I’ll be bookmarking it for whenever I have a child (hope they’re still in business!).

  13. Penny R says:

    Don’t you just well up every time you look at her? Maybe that’s just me… I’m glad you are all getting along so well. Just remember who’s in charge! (If you are unsure, Madelyn will tell you all about it!)

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