Fake interfaces

Fake QuickTime banner ad from Boing Boing I’ve always been intrigued by the fake interfaces often used in banner advertisements. Some ethically challenged advertisers mimic the appearance of Windows XP dialog boxes to encourage folks to buy software they don’t need. (You have a virus! Click here!) Sometimes the fake is limited to form controls, like pop-up menus. I suppose phishing is another example of fake interfaces; the other day I copied a URL out of an obviously phishy email and checked out the fake Amazon.com interface the phishers had generated. It was quite fascinating (but is gone now).

At the right is the latest example of this technique which I’ve noticed. This advertisement caught my eye because it duplicates Apple’s QuickTime Player, which I don’t have installed on my Linux system. At first I thought some free software media player wonks had decided to copy the Player interface; then I realized it was just an animated gif. At least this image isn’t being used to sell unneeded software or to get folks to turn over credit card numbers.

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  1. nicole says:

    Scams like these are so evil because I can picture someone like my grandmother being easily confused and since they seem so framiliar and trustworthy it would fool her in a second. What happened to morals? Not like it’s anything new in concept though, reminds me of those phone soliciting scams selling fake life insurance etc etc… or the ones you get in your email from your bank thats not your bank asking for your information because they accidentally lost it…. bahumbug

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