Odds and ends Sunday

It’s a windy, sunny day here in Macomb, with that crispness of air that hints of cooler weather to come… we might even get snow this week!

Running: I ran twice in the past few days. Thursday 11/10, I did speed work with Doug: four 1600m sets at 7:20 each.

Today at seven I ran 6.1 miles with Bill Doe, the new director of the WIU environmental studies center. He’s quite the runner; our time was 46:40 (7:38/mi), and Bill could have done it considerably faster. We were 10-15 seconds quicker on the way out than back; serious wind today.

An hour later, I ran 7.1 miles with Dennis and some other Road Runners. Had some cramping, and slowed to 1:06:45 (9:30/mi). I need to check that distance, however; we ran for a while under the high voltage lines and I think that screwed up the GPS. Tack on a little less than four miles to get to and from to the Road Runners’ starting point, and that’s seventeen miles.

Teaching: I’m starting to think a little more about Spring 2006 courses; I have some book questions to resolve for 483, and I need to make a syllabi for 180 and 481 (489). I have a strong draft of the latter, but it’ll need some more work. I’m really looking forward to teaching the comp course—it’s been five years since I did that. Too long.

Family: Madelyn continues to be a pretty easy baby to care for. She sleeps and nurses very well. Today I was able to keep her calm for about 20 minutes when Erin wanted to eat lunch. But when Madelyn is really fussy, nursing is the only thing that will calm her down.

Our stroller arrives Tuesday, and in-laws arrive Wednesday. It’ll be great to have them here; Bits and Eric are, obviously, looking forward to visiting, and they are eager to help us care for our girl. Eric and I will be working on our new windows and a few other things. And of course we’ll do Thanksgiving; I’m probably going to smoke a turkey. Yum!

Whatever: Finally, while I’m generally a free-speech kind of guy, I can’t help but be happy that the FDA may regulate “Ask your doctor” ads. $2.5 billion on advertising in the first 8 months of 2005? Yikes.

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3 Responses to Odds and ends Sunday

  1. jeff says:

    I miss those Gainesville fried turkies…

  2. cbd says:

    Come on out here, and I’ll make ya one.

  3. jeff says:

    maybe I’ll write “turkeys” right next time too…

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