Erin’s mom, dad, and brother came to Macomb for Thanksgiving and left yesterday. Actually, Erin’s parents were here a little more than a week, during which time Bits was either holding Madelyn, washing dishes, vacuuming, or trying to find something else constructive to do. She is the only person I know more hyper than me! To be sure, I’m not complaining; Bits was great with the girl, and our basement has never looked better. We had a nice week of working on the house, playing with Madelyn, and enjoying beautiful mild weather.

The only three bad things this past week: (1) yet another publisher, after what seemed like a bazillion years to think about it, turned down From A to <a>, the edited collection Jeff and I have been working on, despite very positive reader reviews, and super sample essays. Sigh. Well, we’ll be sending that sucka out again next week. (2) I got sick Wednesday night and spent all day Thursday and much of Friday in bed. So no smoked turkey ritual for me this year, and yet more missed running. Friday night I drove the Easterling clan to the airport, came home, and went to bed. Today I still feel a little out of sorts, but I think I’ll be back to speed tomorrow. (3) It took longer than I expected for Erin’s dad and I to get the window frames prepped, so we didn’t actually hang any of the new windows. But we did get all the prep work done, insulated our north windows, and did a bunch of ventilation work: fixing the dryer vent, the bathroom vent, and the furnace intake.

So if I get caught up on school work (so much grading) I’ll be hanging windows this week.

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Jeff Watkins says:

    Sorry to hear you were sick. Missing Turkey Day is so sad.

    Thursday my folks arrive to “help” us before the kid pops out. Unfortunately, I haven’t thought up a million and one chores to keep them busy…

  2. cbd says:

    1. Dig me a hole
    2. Why did you dig that hole? Please fill it in.
    3. Repeat

    Stop doing laundry, shopping, and cleaning now, if you haven’t already!

    Actually, when the kid comes, while you won’t have a variety of things for the grandparents to do, there is one nearly 24/7 task: holding the wee one. Bits loved being with Madelyn for hours at a time: that was great, ’cause it gave Erin and I time to do other stuff (e.g. bathe, teach).

  3. nicole says:

    You could give us all A’s and have more time to work on the windows.,…

  4. cbd says:

    I intend to give all students all As. Sometimes y’all even allow me to do so!

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