Music with Madelyn

Last night Madelyn was a little fussy; we calmed her down with some music. We listened to the Beatles and Lay It Down, my favorite Cowboy Junkies album.

My father’s words were always sure and clear,
and like his presence they would rid me of my fears.
When I crawled up on his knees,
I was safe as I could be.
He’d hold me tight, and whisper in my ear:
He’d say, “Girl, you are a part of me
and I have made you strong.
When you grow up and are on your own,
remember to win them with your song.”

—”Musical Key”

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4 Responses to Music with Madelyn

  1. Clancy says:

    I’m a The Trinity Session gal, myself. Has Madelyn heard that one yet?

  2. cbd says:

    Not yet. She’s listening to Rickie Lee Jones with Erin now.

    Of the single-mike albums, I prefer Whites Off Earth Now.

  3. jfr+jana says:

    Whites Off Earth Now. the globe would probably be a better place for it. alas.

    sorry we didn’t get up to Macomb, things were crazy in Carbondale.

  4. cbd says:

    No worries. We’ll be here a while 🙂

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