Odds and ends weekend

Madelyn in mid-fit

Sometimes when I’m grading, I feel like Madelyn does here. (Hit the photo for more pictures and a short movie.) Not this time, mostly. In both classes, several students really put together fine final projects that showed their considerable intellectual growth this semester. I’m working with several graduate students on writing samples, and they’ve also come a long way very quickly. It’s feels good to help students create great things.

My typical end of the semester cold came a bit early this year. I bulled through it for most of this week, in and out of bed, but felt pretty crappy. Thursday morning, despite feeling a bit off, I ran 10K (56:59) with Bill Doe. Halfway done, I wondered if that was a bad idea—I had to stop because I was dizzy. But the next morning, I realized that running helped: I felt better than I have all week. And my new shoes (New Balance 411 cross-trainers) are great. Because it was pretty slushy Wednesday night, both Bill and I wore Yaktrax. Good thing, too. As the sun came up, we realized just how much ice there was on the road, and how difficult running would have been without them. I’m hoping to run again later today; I was going to go out yesterday, but decided to get my exercise by shoveling the driveway instead. Of course, that made it snow last night, but only an inch or so.

It looks like just in time, Jakob Nielsen has given me some fodder for my STC presentation. I’ll write more about that soon.

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  1. Clancy says:

    Sooooooooooo cute!! (The movie.) That little wiggleworm!

  2. cbd says:

    Yeah, she’s a wiggler. And, thank the gods, she got her looks from her mom.

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