Cold runs

I’ve run twice this week in the cold weather. Sunday afternoon, 8 miles, 1:08:45 (8:31/mi). Today I went out to do six miles, but started out fast, and decided to make it a speed run. I ended up with 4 miles in 30:04 (7:30/mi). That might not seem like much speed, but it’s pretty good given the weather. I ran a little faster every mile.

Running in the cold (today it was 24° F; Sunday was even colder) is not fun. It’s impossible to keep every part of your body warm. But there’s always a spot or two that’s too hot—and sweat turns to clammy cold. Yaktrax help with slipping, but slow me down. And there’s nothing good about freezing eyelashes. But the thought of running on the treadmill, or doing 52 laps on the indoor track to cover the distance I went today, makes me suck it up. At least today the wind wasn’t bad. Sunday the side of my body facing the wind hurt from the cold.

We’re supposed to see 40s the next few days. If that pans out, I’ll be doing a long run or two.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Imagine I’d do the 52 lap shuffle every damn time.

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