Two months and five miles

Madelyn is two months old tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital hugging Erin while she held the girl for the first time. This morning I dressed in the dark and admired the girls while they were still asleep. My little one with her head on mommy’s shoulder. So peaceful.

At right, Madelyn models the cozy sherpa her Grandparents Dilger bought for Christmas. Besides exhibiting a shockingly high Cute Factor, it kept her warm today during her walk with mom. And the girl also shows off her latest trick–smiling! (More pictures in the usual location.) Grandma and Granddad Easterling returned for their second visit this afternoon. Since that time, Madelyn has been in someone’s arms for all but about three seconds. She’s enjoying that!

So far I think I’ve been adjusting pretty well to dad-ness. I am a little worried that Erin handles more of the work than I do, but that’s hard to avoid since she’s Madelyn’s only food source. I am trying to pull my weight in the laundry room and kitchen, if not in other departments. Lately, I have been able to keep Madelyn company while sitting on the couch, though it’s hard to read and hold a squirmy baby.

Also, ran five miles today, 42:19 (8:27/mi). A little pain in my left knee and hip afterward. Hrm.

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3 Responses to Two months and five miles

  1. bill thompson says:

    Very sweet picture–impossible to believe that it has been two months already. Also, hugely impressive that you ran five miles.

  2. cbd says:

    I run with Doug Huff, who did a 50K race in the snow recently. Boggle!

  3. Julie Sinn says:

    aahhh. She is terribly cute. (from both me and Dave)

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