New Intel logo

New intel logo

Intel has a new logo. I have to say I like this one a lot better than AT&T’s Death Star update, which is just plain ugly, and won’t reproduce worth a damn in monochrome applications, or if reduced to a very small size. This works even when it’s very small. The new blue color is a lot less garish than the 0-0-255 electric blue previously used. I’m no fan of the overused “swoosh”, but if anyone has a right to use it, it’s Intel, whose well-known “Intel Inside” mark (nicely echoed here) arguably got the swoosh going in technology.

So, will we see these logos on the outside of Apple computers come tomorrow?

Update 1/10: Yep. Apple’s main site is hammered now, but the Apple store shows Intel chips in iMacs and a new PowerBook. Dang, I was hoping they’d be in the Mac Mini too. Regardless, I’m glad I told my in-laws to wait on buying a new Mac; these look a lot slicker.

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