Seven miles

Bad news: it took me eleven days to get to the first run of 2006. Good news: seven miles, 1:03 (9:00/mi), and no pain in my left knee and hip, as was the case during my last run nearly two weeks ago.

After the first three, I bumped into Bill Stephens from the Road Runners, and finished the run with him. The new shoes still work well; no toe problems. Tomorrow’s supposed to be even warmer than today, so I hope to get back out there for four or five miles at an eight minute pace.

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5 Responses to Seven miles

  1. Clancy says:

    Well, I’m in awe, for what it’s worth. I did 13:20/mi yesterday (4.5 mph) and am having trouble imagining picking up the pace. I think tomorrow I’ll get on the treadmill and, just for a minute or so, set it at 6.7 mph so that I can know what it feels like to run as fast as you were running.

  2. cbd says:

    One step at a time.

    The bad news is my knee and hip started bugging me later that night. No problem this morning, but now the weather has returned grey and windy, so I’m not going to be able to just step outside and run. Darned aging.

  3. Clancy says:

    Heh. I upped my speed to 5 mph, and then I decided there was NO WAY I was going to try 6.7 mph anytime soon.

  4. Clancy says:

    By the way, the past few days I’ve been feeling an off-and-on, pinching pain in my lower back. I’ve felt it before; it’s from an old injury. I doubt it’s directly related to the running.

  5. cbd says:

    If you want to get faster, just do short bursts at whatever faster speed you feel comfortable. Or run with Jonathan. 🙂

    It was snowy and windy here today, and I got tied up at school, so I didn’t make it out. I’m traveling all day tomorrow, so unless I run tonight, I won’t be on the road again until Sunday. Argh.

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