10K and five miles

Last Saturday, 1/21: 10K solo, 54:09 (8:45/mi).

Today, much cooler out, 5 miles with Doug Huff, 42:16 (8:36/mi). Dodged a little ice here and there, but mostly smooth sailing.

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2 Responses to 10K and five miles

  1. jfr says:

    doesn’t the word “ice” have multiple connotations in the MidWest these days? and only one section of FYC? lucky you.

    hugs and kisses to Madeline.

  2. cbd says:

    O, it does. Can’t buy cold medicine without signing your life away, cause the guvmint is up in arms about what meth is doing to the youth of today. So now instead of buying the stuff to make it, folks are knocking over drug stores. Yay.

    They got me drivin’ the comprhet train around here, so I have to take all the FYC I can get.

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