Three months, taxes

Madelyn, or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?

We got Madelyn’s SSN in the mail a few days ago, the day after she turned three months old. It’s the end of what some folks call “the fourth trimester,” and I certainly understand why. In the past few weeks, the girl has really changed. She’s now aware of and participating in her surroundings—turning her head to watch Erin and I as we walk around a room, trying to sit up, learning what certain things mean (changing table=dry butt; living room chair=nursing; purple fleece suit=stroller ride; car seat=sleepy time). It’s amazing to be a part of that.

With Madelyn’s SSN in hand, I was able to finish our federal and Illinois income taxes. I decided not to do the online Free File with our federal taxes because, frankly, many of the providers looked rinky-dink, and I’m not sure I want to have even more folks handling that data. But the Illinois online forms were super—I typed in the PINs off the tax forms they mailed, entered some W2 and other numbers, and I was done in 15 minutes. Our refund will be direct-deposited. Can’t ask for more than that.

I was a bit suprised to see the sizeable tax breaks the fed’ral guvmint gives for kids. Each child is worth a $1,000 tax credit. So if Erin and I had two more kids, we’d pay no federal taxes. Yikes. I’m all for a progressive tax structure, but I also believe everyone needs to pay something.

And no, we’re in no hurry to give Madelyn any brothers and sisters.

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4 Responses to Three months, taxes

  1. Anna says:

    “Fourth trimester” there buddy. I think you need a little more sleep. Then again, so do we. Molly is slowly starting to resemble a little human rather than a little animal. That precious smile nearly balances the less frequent screeches. Nearly.

  2. cbd says:

    Woops! Fixed. I guess she’s been at the end of the third for some time 🙂 Ain’t sleep; it’s just that numbers are my enemies.

    Glad to hear the screeches are less frequent.

  3. Jeff Watkins says:

    What the hell are you *doing* out there in Illinois that you only pay $3000 in Fed’ral taxes? Good gods!

    Don’t they pay you professor types anything?

  4. cbd says:

    Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. But we assistant professors don’t go to Vegas often.

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