gets slicker, the social bookmarking site, has got the Ajax bug, changing their interface so clicking “Edit” opens a form which allows editing a link without reloading the page. This is pretty cool, although there are a few quirks:

  1. if you click “Edit” and make some changes in the little editor, then click “Full screen edit” to go to the normal editor, the changes don’t carry over. You have to save the changes first, then click “Full screen edit.”
  2. changing tags isn’t dynamic. For example, I was going through my toread pile, reading, and tagging or editing; though I deleted the “toread” tag, the items stayed in the list.
  3. you can’t opt out of the little editor if you don’t like it.

I’ve noticed some other tweaks in the interface, too: “for” is now “links for you”; items are “saved by X other people”, not simply “and X other people”; the date format has changed; “copy” is now “save this”. But the big news is private bookmarks. I’m ambivalent. The publicity of bookmarks is necessary for to work right—that’s why it’s a social bookmarking site.

The comments in Joshua’s post show lots of folks happy with this, but some want more, asking for variable privacy, groups, and other features. I hope resists this complexification and movement toward privacy. The site’s simplicity is its best evangelist, and the aggregation of users makes it useful to me. (I can spend as long as I want reloading the front page; it’s amazing to see what’s out there.)

IMO folks who want groups, private bookmarks, and that sort of thing should use Ma.gnolia in addition to Why not? Ma.gnolia plays nice with, and with a little scripting, you can drop bookmarks into both sites automagically.

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  1. Clancy says: has had private bookmarks as long as I can remember…and it’s open source! I agree with everything you’re saying about bookmark privacy, by the way.

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