Odds and ends weekend

One sunny Saturday in April…

Beer: pale and porter still pouring very well—Erin thinks as well as when we first opened them. Well then. Maybe I’m figuring out this homebrewing thing. I also had a Trappist (nine months old) which is quite good. When I clear the decks, bottling stout, I’ll be making wheat beer. It’s that time of year!

Family: Madelyn is learning how to sit up now. She’s taking a bottle a lot better, too, which is good for Erin.

Food: Erin has been cooking a lot lately. She made onion soup and asparagus and cheese pastries last night—great stuff. I helped her make cookies today for a lunch she attended today and for a party tonight. More reasons to run a lot more.

Garden: greens, onions, and garlic coming up, with a few sprouts here and there from last year’s garden. Daffodils everywhere, too. Almost time to start seedlings in the basement. With all the rain, we haven’t been able to turn over the entire garden, but we will do that soon.

Reading: met the InterLibrary Loan fine demon in a dark alley behind the student union last week, had it out, and all is well. I also got a few books in from MIT Press this week which I’ve checked out quite often: Utopian Entrepreneur by Brenda Laurel, New Media 1740-1915 ed. Gitelman and Pingree, and Protocol by Alexander Galloway.

Research: last week my department hosted Anthony Enns, who is now a visiting prof at U of Iowa. His talk “The Typing Medium” was excellent: shades of Kittler but with much stronger causality. More tomorrow about the stuff I’ve been doing lately.

Running: two five mile runs with Doug this week (Mon 4/3 43:11, 8:38/mi; Weds 4/5 47:41, 8:51/mi). Eight miles today (1:07:02, 8:23/mi).

Sports: I wore a Gators T-shirt to class Tuesday and got a few high-fives from students as I walked in. Now the idle thoughts of those who wear orange and blue turn to spring practice…

Weather: a huge variety. Last week an F1 tornado passed about five miles north of here, ripping up some barns and other things. When the siren went off, I buttoned up the house and flipped the computer to the NWS; two minutes later, as the front which spawned the twister arrived, we hauled ass into the basement. Whee… We’ve had lots of rain this week, which we sorely need, and a few beautifully clear and warmer days. But this morning I saw frost on the garage roof. A few more weeks of cool temperatures.

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