Two runs

One run with Doug and one solo:

4/10: 7mi, 55:48 (9:02/mi);
4/14: 5mi, 41:02 (8:13/mi).

Darned nice weather both times: in the 70s and not humid at all. I hope for a long run (12 miles) this weekend.

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2 Responses to Two runs

  1. Kristen says:

    Bradley, what the dickens is going on with your site colors?

    Sometimes I see primary colors, other times an eggshell and forest palette (like today). C’mon now, changing up the color scheme disorients the user– which must be against those accessibility ideas of yours.

    p.s. Can we talk about how to ship some beer to Virginia? I’m in a postnationalism (neomedieval) class that your mead would be perfect for, and I think this guy I used to know in my program would split the shipping cost with me…

  2. cbd says:

    When Florida won the national basketball championship, I changed the ole’ weblog to Gitter colors. Then I changed ’em back.

    I can send y’all some mead. Got a little bit of other stuff worth drinkin’ too. Email me your address. It’ll be a few days.

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