Two odd runs

Two odd runs—I usually run a pretty regular distance, even though that’s not necessary since I have a GPS.

Saturday it was lovely at noon, Erin was working at the organic garden and Madelyn didn’t want to nap, so I put her in the stroller and off we went. In retrospect, it wasn’t smart to do this at mid-day; I kept the girl covered so she wouldn’t get a sunburn, and she chirped a bit because she wanted to kick and squirm. But she let me run for a little more than half an hour: 3.6mi, 31:07 (8:45/mi), with a few stops. Our stroller is great; in the three wheel config, it was easy to maneuver and kept a pretty straight line, even when I let it go and ran behind it on the leash.

Today I went to school to get some paperwork done, and when I came home, Erin was just leaving to walk with Madelyn. Again, it was beautiful, so I decided to squeeze in a short run. About 1.5 miles in, I turned my left ankle on the shoulder. Ow. Clearly, I was looking at the flowers too much or something, because at 2.6 miles, I did the same ankle again.

I dropped to a walk until I got to the three mile mark, then stretched a bit. Everything seemed OK, so I took off for home. Ended up with 4.6mi, 35:07 (7:37/mi).

Long run Wednesday? We’ll see.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Speaking of the Organic Garden- you guys should watch this fantastic documentary (If you can find it! We got it down here via Netflix): The Future of Food. It’s very well done. I think you’d both like it.

    I’m also reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Some nonfiction books can be pretty dry but so far this one has been so good- it’s hard to put down. Terri Gross interviewed him last week on Fresh Air.

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