No more Miró

If you teach the work of Joan Miró, I have a request: stop. Teach only this instead:

Miró was the subject of the latest Google Doodle. How did the profiteers who manage the “rights” to his work react to this tribute? A cease and desist order!

Had Miró—who was heavily influenced by contemporaries such as Picasso and Bréton—been subject to similar legal action, we would have little art which bears his name today.

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2 Responses to No more Miró

  1. Collin says:

    I saw this too, and was a little surprised that Google caved so quickly and easily, but I suppose that a protracted fight over something that would have only been visible for a day wasn’t the best use of resources…


  2. cbd says:

    If I were the Google CEO, I’d be tempted to make “joan miro” searches quietly disappear. “Oh, there’ s none of his work on the web. Move along…”

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