Rice and applesauce

Madelyn reaches for a spoonful of rice cereal Less than a week short of six months old, Madelyn has now broadened her epicurea beyond breast milk and Tylenol. Saturday she had rice cereal; yesterday she ate rice cereal and applesauce. Both were mixed with breast milk, and both seemed to go over pretty well.

Six months. On the one hand, I can hardly believe it. Saturday night, after we put her to bed, Erin and I looked at the pictures of Madelyn’s birth together, and we both agreed it seemed like a week ago, not half a year. On the other hand, the girl is so much more of a little person now than she was even two months ago—she’s reaching for stuff, playing with toys, napping a lot better, sitting up, and trying to talk. (Her first words were “blah blah blah.” Apropos for a rhetorician in training.) Given the great weather, I’ve started taking her for walks around the park when I get home from school—just grab her and go. Madelyn is still under 20 lbs, so I can carry her as long as I switch arms every now and then. And I already wrote about running with her; I need to do that more often.

About a month ago Erin rented an electric breast pump. I wish we had bought one the day Madelyn was born. It does a much better job than the manual gizmo—we’ve got milk in the fridge and the freezer now, so I feel a lot better about being left alone with the girl. In the past week we’ve taken advantage of this to get more daddy time for Madelyn and some more Erin time for mommy. Obviously, I’m happy about both those things. And if I’m this pleased about rice and applesauce, bananas might just kill me.

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5 Responses to Rice and applesauce

  1. Erin says:

    If the CBD blog ends after Thursday 4/27, you’ll know Bradley died from bananas.

  2. senioritis says:

    Madelyn looks like her dad!

  3. cbd says:

    Nuts. I’d much prefer she looked like Mom.

  4. jfr says:

    she’s got Chad Jackson’s hands.

  5. stacey says:

    Speaking of running with the wee one…

    You can never have enough “gadgets” – you’re gonna need to pick up one of these: strollometer

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