I finally got that 12 mile run I’ve been talking about since April. 1:46:42 (8:51/mi). I’m tired and my knees are a little creaky, but I feel good. I think we should have run a bit slower, but Doug always wants to go faster.

I’ve looked at some numbers and it’s time to get more systematic: I need to more regularly plan speed, tempo, and long runs, and pace appropriately. My speed pace is fine, but I need to slow down the long runs a bit. I think this will help me do more of them, and that’s what I want to do.

So, time to build a schedule.

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2 Responses to Distance

  1. cbd says:

    Today speed work: 7 x 400 at 0:55 each.

  2. cbd says:

    Went to the track to do a tempo run, but the kids were doing hurdles.

    So we came back and headed south along Candy/1300 down to 900 and back. That’s 10K in 49:40 (7:56/mi). A pretty stiff crosswind (west to east) made this a challenge.

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