Of late

I finished grading this morning (cue applause), so summer is officially here as far as I’m concerned. Last week I promised to catch up here; now is the time. First, research.

Jeff and I decided to kickstart the From A to <A> project by seeking a broader base of contributors. We issued a new call for papers about a week and a half ago, and the Penn list distributed it Monday. Quite a few of the publishers we spoke with wouldn’t even look at proposals for edited collections—they want full manuscripts. So we’re moving in that direction. Some of the contributors from the first iteration of the project will remain involved, I’m sure, and we welcome new folks as well.

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas (death!!!!) for the STC conference, where I presented “Defining Accessibility (and Usability).” While an argument about the difference between of accessibility and usability might not be the sexiest thing you read this year, I’m convinced at least as far as education is concerned—and both accessibility and usability almost always involve education, no matter what the context—it’s critical to be careful we don’t collapse the two. (The link is a PDF presentation, which isn’t very informative. I’ll post something more coherent soon.) By the way, though their conference costs a lot, I have little negative to say about STC; those folks run a very high-quality operation.

Before leaving for Vegas I pushed out three proposals for CCCC 2007: a workshop and a SIG related to the open source position statement project, and an individual presentation. It would be nice if one of them is accepted. All three would be stupendous. My Spring 2007 schedule looks good, so a week in NYC would be welcome.

Other summer writing shakes down this way: first “Logic of the Default,” then finish “Tabling the Grid” and see what madness Bill Thompson has in mind. I have some Composition Forum web site work to do, as well as some fun for WIU.

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3 Responses to Of late

  1. jimminy cricket says:

    the first time I was in Vegas I had enough money in my pocket to buy breakfast, and buy enough gas to get to the California coastline.

    next time was a bachelor party at the MGM Grand

    then a Dead show after I got my BA, with pals from the newspaper.

    sex and gambling and cheap eats. it’s the American Dream, plus the strippers. there are slots in Vegas

  2. cbd says:

    I didn’t do much in Vegas besides the conference, though I did spend a quality evening at a brewery after my presentation. Just too damn tired. Though I didn’t plan to gamble, anyway.

  3. jimminy cricket says:

    ok, if that’s your story you should stick with it 🙂

    actually, there is some great rock climbing right outside of Vegas, but you don’t want to climb there in the summer, it’s too freaking hot.

    Any Florida plans for the summer?

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