Madelyn and me; link to more pictures and videos

Madelyn’s new nickname is Busy. Good night, this kid is Non Stop Go. If we could plug her in to the wall, we’d spin the meter backwards.

Today Erin took the train to Chicago for Garden in the City. So far Madelyn has been doing great; about two more hours before Mom gets home. She’s had a big day: she started with playtime (learning to crawl), ate some bananas (her favorite food), played some more, and then had a nap in my arms while I read. When Madelyn woke up, we sat in the backyard and had a bottle, visited our neighbor Janna, went for a walk around the block, then came home and watched Lumper sun herself. Then it was time for another nap (this time, in bed).

After nap #2, Madelyn had another bottle and watched me fold laundry. We played peek-a-boo (aka “Where’s Madelyn?”) and catch, and she helped me water the seedlings Erin planted yesterday. Then we went to the post office and ran around a little more, saying hello to Marcy and Bill on the way.

Madelyn got hungry when I was running, so we headed home and had another bottle in the backyard. I fixed leftovers for me and some sweet potatoes for Madelyn. She ran out of food first—and hollered like mad until I made her something else to eat.

We just got done with a bath—Madelyn loves the bath! Now she’s winding down, rubbing her eyes a bit, taking her socks off, chattering, and looking very sleepy. I don’t think she’s gonna make it until Mom gets home.

Thirteen hours without her mom—not bad for a kid one week shy of seven months.

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5 Responses to Busy

  1. senioritis says:

    Sounds to me like Madelyn’s last name is “Busy.” First name = “Keeps.” Middle = “Dad.” & it looks like both of you are having some fun.

  2. Dan says:

    Non stop go. That’s great. So is the report into the day in the life–reminds me fondly of laundry days in Texas when the todler would purposefully knock over the piles of folded clothes for what reason I still can’t figure. Nice to look backwards now that the laundry knocker is getting behind the wheel. Thanks for the window.

  3. Dean Roberts says:

    What great days! My son, soon to be three (June 7), now helps with dishes (plastic) on a daily basis. If he were two feet taller or so I would introduce him to Mr. Mower. The busy bodies keep going for years. Enjoy!

  4. Marcia says:

    What a happy picture!

  5. cbd says:

    Yeah, Madelyn will get access to the mower as soon as possible 🙂

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