First week of FIRST

Doug and I started the FIRST program this week, doing speed work Tuesday and a short tempo run Thursday 5/25: 6mi, 51:06 (8:27/mi) with 3mi @ tempo (7:23/mi). I “cross trained” Wednesday running with Dennis: 5mi, 45:38 (9:07/mi).

Today was the long run. I almost bailed; Madelyn kept us up late, and I felt terrible this morning. I did the half-marathon anyway, running 2:07:45 (9:43/mi). Very slow on the way back. But there’s no doubt my 35 miles of running so far this week and 38 last week has something to do with it as well–that’s by far the most I’ve run this year.

This week, I’ve got to actually cross-train, instead of running slow on days off. Swim or bike. Time to join the Y.

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  1. cbd says:

    Week two:

    Sunday 5/28 40:00 walk with Erin and Madelyn.

    Tuesday 5/30 speed work: 400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 with 400 rest interval. Pace around 6:30 for all sets. With warmup and cooldown, 6.7 miles.

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