Some pretty ugly behavior from the police at my alma mater recently: they harrassed a PhD student because of some microfiction he posted to LiveJournal. Apparently, someone called the police as part of retaliation for a Wikipedia edit war. Whee…

I’m happy to see that Sid Dobrin, the student’s advisor, didn’t hand the student’s privacy over to the police, but stood up for him and others like him. This is vintage Sid:

I told them flat out, if you pursue this any further, I will guarantee you more than 200 other stories written by students and faculty that are a lot more violent than this, starting with mine.

I hope this ugly matter is resolved. Now, can we get someone to do something about the Florida athletic association web site, please?

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2 Responses to Ugly

  1. senioritis says:

    I just went to the FU aa website. Good lord. You need to put a “NSFW” or just “too hard on the eyes” disclaimer before you link to a nightmare like that! And go, Sid. I am alarmed by the various surveillance tactics that campus police are using.

  2. cbd says:

    I did say it was ugly! I can’t decide if my favorite ugly thing is the cheesy “custom lettering” done in Microsoft Word, or the lack of perspective on the 100 years of football logo, or the terrible editing.

    WARNING: links in this post liable to make your head explode.

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