Garden crawl

Like Senioritis, we’re working hard in the garden these days. I actually mowed the lawn about a week ago (!!) and spent a fair bit of time plucking dandelions from the front yard—I don’t mind them, personally, but nothing annoys the landed gentry like dandelions, and we had bazillions. So I made a few points with my neighbors. We have to decide if we want to renovate the front yard this year (till and reseed). I’m tempted, but on the other hand, I’m not sure I want to make more work for myself. Now, our lawn looks horrible, but it can be neglected. A new lawn would require baby-sitting, especially given the lack of rain we are susceptible to around here. And I prefer to spend my free time with the real baby.

Low fork in young maple

We also discovered today that a fairly small oak maple tree in our front yard has a fatal flaw. Macomb city forester Tim Howe pointed out the division and occluded bark to me today. Apparently, it’s just a matter of time before the tree fails. The bad news is the tree has to come out (it’s on the right of way). The good news is twofold: first, the city will replace it this fall, and they’ll let us pick from their list of acceptable trees; second, we’ll be able to rip out the roots which are now all over the area where we want to put a new flower bed in the front yard (part of the Grass Reduction Plan).

Erin has done a fantastic job in the garden. We’ve been eating fresh greens for about two weeks now, which has been outstanding, and we already have enough to share with our neighbors. Erin planted a few short rows of a few kinds of lettuces two weeks apart, and we’ve eaten most of the first two rows just as they are starting to bolt. We’ll keep planting small plots every two weeks until the first frost. Cabbage, chard, spinach, and kale are ready to thin, and the herbs are well-established. Erin recently put in a strawberry patch and started a nice array of peppers and tomatoes. We’re being very picky this year, growing vegetables which complement our weekly share from the Gardens, or which freeze well (new-to-us deep freeze arrived yesterday).

Tired out after a walk

Erin also picked up the renovation of our front flower bed where we left off last year, pulling up the landscape cloth, turning the mulch, and putting in some perennials and annuals. We haven’t decided what to move, remove, thin, or add, but Erin has been sketching and scheming madly. And there’s nothing wrong with sticking a bunch of stuff in the ground and moving it next year if it doesn’t work out. Tonight I watered a few of the new additions and took pictures. As you can see, this was a very, very tough job for Miss Madelyn.

And I write “garden crawl” not only because I spent quite a while wandering around the garden, but because Madelyn is really crawling now, and she knows it—she’s less and less content to hang out in her bouncy seat thing. She wants to move. It’s time to baby-proof.

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2 Responses to Garden crawl

  1. senioritis says:

    The garden looks wonderful! I’ve finally got a new camera, and as soon as I RTFM and figure out how it works, I’ll post some, too.

  2. cbd says:

    Our garden is nothing compared to the CSA where Erin helps out. The season opened today, and they’ve outdone themselves—combine that with Erin’s work here, and I will be eating my weight in veggies weekly until October. Mercy.

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