FIRST week four

A very good long run last Sunday (6/11): half-marathon, 1:52:31 (8:35/mi). That’s 0:18 better than FIRST pace. Pretty stiff wind on the way back, but I pushed through it.

Speed work today with Doug, starting with 1200m and going down from there by 200m intervals (12, 10, etc) to 200m. All at 0:53 or faster splits (200m). I ran the last 200 at 0:34.

Swam a mile yesterday (47 mins).

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2 Responses to FIRST week four

  1. cbd says:

    Tempo run today: 7 miles, 55:20 (7:55/mi). Again faster than FIRST paces.

  2. cbd says:

    Fifteen miles today. Short on sleep again. 2:25 including stoppage time, so to speak. 9:45/mi, or about 9:10/mi minus the delays for shoe adjustments, etc.

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