FIRST week five

Speed work yesterday: 5 x 1K at 4:18 (6:55/mi).

Swam today: 23 laps, 0:31. (Last week, swam a mile (35 laps) in 0:48).

Tempo run tomorrow: 5 miles @ 7:58/mi.

Long run Saturday: 17 miles @ 9:00/mi or so.

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2 Responses to FIRST week five

  1. cbd says:

    Headed to the track at 6:00 am today with a storm on the horizon. At 6:30 or so the lightning got a little close for my comfort, so I headed home at the tempo pace. I’m glad I did; we got quite a bit of rain and hail. Doug stuck it out and ended up hiding under the bleachers.

    I finished on the Y track when Erin and Erica went to yoga.

    So I ended up with 3.2 miles in 23:38, then 3 in 24:29. Good enough.

    I hope my new shoes (ordered from local store) arrive today. I really need them for the long run this weekend.

  2. cbd says:

    Got the long run done: 2:34:44, which is 9:05/mi. Man, am I sore. I’m having a hard time imagining going another 9.2 miles on top of that.

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