Slow down that Monday!

I think instead of complaining to certain students and colleagues about WIU’s IT foolishness, I’m going to post my gripes here. That will provide a nice way to review…

The latest bit of silliness from UCSS is their installation of a new spyware tool. No notification of the installation was given—one day I logged in, and my computer kicked out a dialog box from Windows Scripting Host. Given the problems with that abomination in the past, I mashed a three-finger salute and called the helpdesk. “Yeah, that’s the new anti-spyware program,” the helpdesk worker told me.

Okay, fine. Restart, make espresso during the install. Once it was done, I poked around a bit and noticed that I can’t control very much. And there’s one thing I really want to change—the weekly automatic scan time, which is now set for Monday at 10:00 am. Attention UCSS readers: I really don’t want my computer slowed down at the beginning of the work week! Why not do this during lunchtime?

I’m gonna call the helpdesk Monday and ask that this time be changed.

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2 Responses to Slow down that Monday!

  1. Dean Roberts says:

    Not everyone in UCSS knew about the new spyware tool. I think it is called ‘Web Root’ or something like that. Once you are bound to the AD a lot of unknown installations can take place when you log in. It’s another example of the lack of communication, both internal and external, that plagues tech at WIU.

  2. cbd says:

    Not everyone in UCSS knew about the new spyware tool.


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