FIRST week six

Speed work today at the Y (taking advantage of inexpensive child care). Running on the short track is a-ight, but it gets the job done. Three one mile runs with two minute rest interval. First mile 6:01 (too fast!), second 6:26 (still too fast!), third 7:07.

2-3-1 run Thursday. 18 miles Saturday.

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  1. cbd says:

    Tempo run today at the track: 3 miles @ 7:36/mi, with a 1 mile warmup and cooldown.

    I’m sore from swimming and working out.

  2. cbd says:

    I finished 18 miles solo today, but slowed down quite a bit for the last six miles. The first twelve took 1:54:19 (9:32/mi); the last six 1:02:28 (10:25/mi). I left at 7:40am instead of 6:00; that’s part of the problem. I was pretty hot on the way back, and ran out of water with about 2 miles left. When I got back, I filled my Camelbak with juice and water, switched to sandals, and walked around the block. Wow, was I sore. I decided to go to the Y and soak in the hot tub and swim a little. Good move; that really helped me stretch out.

    Anyway, 2:56:47, or 9:49/mi. The FIRST plan called for me to finish between 2:44 and 2:48, so I’m 7-13 minutes slow for the whole run.

    20 miles next week. At least I won’t be doing it by myself.

  3. cbd says:

    OK, I looked at temperatures on Weather Underground. The range last week was 66-72°. This week 70-81°. We’ll definitely run at 6:00 next Saturday.

  4. cbd says:

    Also, strength training Tuesday and Thursday (7/27 and 7/29).

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