Mobile Madelyn

Mobile Madelyn

Madelyn can flop over from back to front and front to back instantly now, and she’s crawling very well. Her favorite thing to do, beside playing with electrical and computer cords, is chasing Lumper around the house. She’s learned to pull herself up and stand with a footstool or something like it for balance. Danger Mouse also likes to carry around a toy and whack the floor with it as she’s movin’ along.

Obviously, this has mandated some changes around the Easterling-Dilger compound. We’ve dropped her crib down so she can’t crawl over the top—which she came dangerously close to doing a few days ago. Erin got a new changing pad with a strap. We’ve cleared as much crap off the floor as we can and will be moving more as well And though it makes for a bit of a stuffy house, we keep all the doors in the house shut so Madelyn can’t go too far without us knowing (and so she won’t fall down the stairs).

Now we just need to find a good source for dirt-colored onesies, and/or a kid-mounted mop.

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5 Responses to Mobile Madelyn

  1. cbd says:

    Hey, cool!

    Hrm, we have a dust mop and a sewing machine….

  2. stacey says:

    Well, it’d sure be cheaper than a Roomba! 😉

  3. Chuck says:

    Baby + Roomba + Hack = baby that fetches beer and cleans along the way

  4. cbd says:

    As soon as she can walk, my baby is gonna fetch beer for her daddy.

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