FIRST week eight

Last night I whacked my leg pretty good at John and Karen’s, and we were out there pretty late, so I delayed running today until YMCA time (10:00). That turned out OK, since it has been raining all morning. I ran six intervals with 1:30 rest. The first three were six laps (0.46mi), the last three seven (0.54mi). Best time 6:12/mi, slowest 6:43 (first and last respectively), median time 6:18/mi. FIRST pace for this distance 6:53, so this is very good. I thought I’d be slow today.

10K on the track Thursday, shooting for 45:50 (7:22/mi). 13 miles Saturday, target 1:52:15 (8:38/mi).

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  1. cbd says:

    Speed work in 100% humidity today; I was absolutely soaked when done. Cramped after 18 laps, and had to walk a lap, so I missed the new 10K time. I did hit 4 miles in 29:37 (7:24/mi).

    Anyway, 10K, 48:46 (7:51/mi). Strength training at the Y after Madelyn’s swim.

  2. cbd says:

    Yesterday, I started the long run at 6:15 or so, but had to go back because I forgot my food (two goo packs). The quicker pace made for a much harder run, but I made the time. 13 miles, 1:52:36 (8:38/mi).

    Weather: 66°, 95% rh at start; 79°, 83%rh finish. Not too bad, but I think for next Saturday’s long run I’ll get on the road earlier.

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