FIRST week nine

Speed work today, 7/18: 12 x 400, median 1:34 (6:16/mi), slowest 1:38.

2-3-1 Thursday, then 18 miles at 8:53/mi this Saturday.

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2 Responses to FIRST week nine

  1. cbd says:

    Hard strength training (mostly upper body and back) Tuesday 7/18.

    Swam one mile (46:20) 7/19.

    Tempo run 7/20: 3.25 mi, 23:29 (7:16/mi) followed by strength training.

  2. cbd says:

    Did the long run today with Tammy La Prad, who’s training for the Chicago Marathon. We started at 5:30, in blissfully cool weather: 59° and 85% rh. We ran a quick four mile out and back, and then slowed the pace for fourteen more miles. Total 2:44:44 (9:09/mi).

    That’s a bit slower than FIRST pace, but I didn’t want to push too hard; next week is the real time challenge (15 miles in 2:10, or 8:40/mi).

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