Madelyn loves her YMCA swim class. Here she is showing off her ability to hang on the edge of the pool:

Madelyn hangs on the edge

I like to swim, too. Why didn’t we join the Y earlier?

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5 Responses to Swim!

  1. Anna says:

    Molly just started her YWCA swim classes, but still isn’t convinced that the water is her friend. At least she didn’t cry last week, which I suppose is progress of a sort.

    Madelyn is such a cutie! What a happy baby! Keep posting those pictures- I look at them all of the time.

  2. Julie says:

    Wow, she is getting big! And what beautiful blue eyes she has! 🙂

  3. cbd says:

    Erin posts photos all the time, often without telling me. I’ve got a feed for her Flickr account in my newsreader.

    Madelyn has loved swimming from her first trip to the pool. She also loves to splash in the cats’ water bowl whenever she can.

    And I dig the blue eyes too. Given her age, they may stay that way.

  4. jeff says:


  5. cbd says:

    Then you definitely don’t want to see this one.

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