Ethical bidness

Attention multinational corporations: when your chief ethics officer has to take the fifth when asked to testify about boardroom malfeasance at your company, it might be time to look for a new ethics officer.

In other ethical news, an Illinois law passed last year or so requires that employees have to perform periodic ethics training. Dave Banash and I joked that the law was designed to bring newbies like us up to speed on money laundering, kickbacks, and the like.

Last year it was some web-based foolishness with definitions followed by scenarios and multiple choice questions. “John is offered a gift by Bob, who is bidding on a RFP John’s office has issued….” Etc. I’d like to see Illinois liven this up a bit. Why be hypothetical? Why not use real Illinois ethical scandals? We’ve certainly no shortage of them here in the land of corn and beans…

Corruption–an Illinois tradition!

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