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It’s hard to believe our Madelyn is a year old. Seems like just yesterday Erin and I were at the hospital waiting to see what baby was waiting for us. Now our girl is walking and almost talking. Now we … Continue reading

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August 1990

I was a Florida sophomore, living a block from campus, when the murders happened. I remember a few things: Phones overloaded and unusable. I didn’t have a phone at the time, but even the pay phones didn’t work. Realizing I … Continue reading

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1001 del.icio.uses

After a little more than 18 months, my is now 1001 links strong. Enjoy! Using has changed the way I deal with students in a few interesting ways; I now suggest that folks poke around in my … Continue reading

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My sweet sleeper

For the second time today, this is what I’m looking at: Words fail me. As they often do.

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Progress: accessibility

It looks like WIU has taken a step towards improving web accessibility. At the IBHE‘s order, WIU has started a committee which has set forth some pretty admirable goals given the poor state of web accessibility here at WIU. I … Continue reading

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Garden gone

Looks like a cold snap is coming. We may even get some snow. Last year we had a few mild frosts in October, but most of the garden made it into mid-November. If we see high 20s tonight and tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Madelyn eats

Madelyn is a pretty good little eater. So far: She likes to eat avocados, kiwi, bananas, grapes, oatmeal, currant tomatoes, teething biscuits, applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, Cheerios, some crackers, peas, yogurt, and spinach. Sometimes: apples, beets, pancakes, carrots. But the … Continue reading

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Back on the road

This week I ran a few times with Madelyn in the stroller, which is great–I’m glad she’s getting more happy with that. 10/2, 30 minutes with Madelyn, didn’t worry about distance, just getting out there to run. 10/6, 5K in … Continue reading

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Self-organized web regularities

is the name of a subhead in “Toward Nature-Inspired Computing,” from CACM 49.10. A snippet: Users are viewed as information-foraging entities inhabiting the Web environment or as a collection of Web sites connected by hyperlinks. When an entity finds certain … Continue reading

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