Suits me

Del Rio Suit

Last year Mike Nolan, coach of the 49ers, wanted to wear a suit on the sidelines in honor of his late father. The NFL fashion police said “No,” forcing him (and other NFL coaches) to continue wearing “Official NFL Apparel.” Never mind that suits were good enough for Hank Stram, George Halas, and the guy they named the trophy after.

But the sartorial cops relented, and both Nolan and Jack Del Rio, coach of the Jaguars, wore suits this weekend. Del Rio’s choice of a black suit, white shirt, and teal tie was sharp. I’m a big fan of the dark suit and white shirt look, and with the Jaguars in all black, Del Rio’s teal tie was hard to miss. Super. I do think the jacket was cut a little loose, and I don’t care for pocket flaps. But what a pleasant surprise.

Plus, both the Jaguars and 49ers won. Suits 2, Tacky Golf Shirts 0.

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  1. jeff says:

    If only they’d bring the Tom Landry hat to go with the suit, we’d be in business.

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