Florida 38
Arkansas 28

If you didn’t see this game, well, you missed some pretty flashy football. Punts: one fake, one blocked, one muffed (and recovered for a touchdown). Lead changes: 17-0, 17-21, 31-21. Touchdown passes by five different players. Six turnovers. A shovel pass returned for a touchdown. More gimmick plays than I can count.

Dang, I thought SEC football was supposed to be all defense and stuff.

Finally, and despite a disastrous third quarter, Chris Leak gets his ring. Good for him. Go Gators.

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6 Responses to SEC

  1. collin says:

    I know it’s unlikely, but I’d really really really like to see the champion of the best conference in college football have a chance at playing for the championship one of these years, rather than continually rewarding the one good team from mediocre conferences…

    Barring a miracle, it looks like the Big 10 will get its championship game after all. Yippee. Skippy.


  2. cbd says:

    All this fighting over who gets to be stomped by Ohio State…

    For the long term, if Florida is left out in the cold, it will finally light a fire under one of the most powerful ADs in the NCAA. Maybe that will move us closer to the holy grail.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Even if the university is imploding, making it to the BCS game makes everything all right. I’d be in favor of cutting ten or so more faculty lines in favor of creating a contingency reptile fund to bribe key voters in situations like this.

  4. cbd says:

    Yes; I hear today that the DGS resigned, so things in UF English are getting even worse. Too bad.

  5. Erich says:

    Could they get worse? It looks to me like The Onion got the story right, but the school wrong:

  6. cbd says:

    Heh. Even so, I still think we make it four in a row next year.

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