General quarters

Today I got up before Erin and Madelyn, which isn’t unusual, made coffee, and headed downstairs to work. When I came upstairs for a cup, Madelyn was in her room looking at some books.

Alone. Erin was still in bed.

So Madelyn woke up, got out of bed, climbed the half-stairs from our bedroom to the house, walked across the house to her room, and started playing. By herself. Quietly.

This means it’s time to batten down the hatches: all doors stay closed, all the time. Like living on a submarine being chased by a destroyer.

When she learns how to open doors, I’m buying shackles.

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4 Responses to General quarters

  1. Dean says:

    I remember when my son started looking at books by himself. It was great. One day I awoke to find him looking at a book so I laid down beside him to observe. I fell asleep (mistake #1) on my back (mistake #2). What woke me up again? The crash of a hard cardboard book across the bridge of my nose!

  2. cbd says:


    Madelyn gave me a fat lip about three weeks ago when she rolled over in bed. I’ve slathered it with Chap-Stick, etc. every time I’ve gone outside but haven’t been able to get it to heal. Stupid winter.

  3. Jason says:

    If you need any tips on shipboard safety procedures, let me know. I’ve even performed maintenance on WTDs (water tight doors).

  4. cbd says:

    Hey, you can probably tie some serious knots. That would come in handy.

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