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Zero time

Dear friends and family: thanks to your generosity, Madelyn is the proud owner of 3,291,749 toys. She has enough clothes to last even the coldest winter. And books! Madelyn has books. So, it’s time to play “zero time” with these … Continue reading

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Madelyn might keep us up at night, and she sure likes to get up early. But she has learned how to kiss her daddy on the cheek. After which she sometimes giggles. Now, didn’t I say I love this girl? … Continue reading

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Housework, busywork

My parents wrapped up a visit earlier this week. My father loves to paint, which clicked nicely with our current Big Renovation Project, which is getting the 600sf room in the front of our house in shape. (More photos.) The … Continue reading

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First day

Today is the first day of classes. For the last week I’ve woken up at 5:50am, alarm clock or not. I’m still a bit of legwork away from being prepared for classes, and my first are at 11:00am, so I … Continue reading

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I meant to do this before the break, but better late than never. I just pitched in $77.77, which is about 1% of Joe’s goal (given a currency conversion). Joe’s asking for support for about four months. My guess is … Continue reading

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Ice cometh. The weather promises to get worse over the next 48 hours, with more ice and snow on the way. Time to make soup! We’ve got a couple chicken carcasses in the freezer and enough vegetables to go with. … Continue reading

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A sweet parallel

Florida 41 Ohio State 14 Chomped ’em on the grid and on the hardwood! For the second time this year, Florida dominates Ohio State–and this time the Gators take home a national championship. For me, tonight’s game was summarized by … Continue reading

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I’ve reached the time in winter break when I think, “Jeez, where did the time go?” The temptation, of course, is for panic to set in: will I get my spring syllabi done? the double bill of essay revisions? the … Continue reading

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Ever tasteful, the Thunderbird mail spellcheck suggests “extrapolate” for “crapola.” I agree; wouldn’t we all love to replace extrapolation for crapola–with but a keystroke! Regardless, this suggests a new silly word to replace “complexificate,” which I’ve worn out.

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Madelyn is a busy girl. Very busy. So busy that sleep seems optional for her. “Normal” babies are supposed to sleep 14 hours a day at Madelyn’s age. Ha! It’s a struggle to get the bee to sleep before 9:00pm, … Continue reading

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