A sweet parallel

Chris Leak, Champion

Florida 41
Ohio State 14

Chomped ’em on the grid and on the hardwood! For the second time this year, Florida dominates Ohio State–and this time the Gators take home a national championship. For me, tonight’s game was summarized by Jarvis Moss’s sack of Troy Smith late in the third quarter: untouched, Moss came around the right end and crushed Smith–who never saw it coming.

Who, indeed, saw this coming? As late as tonight’s first quarter, Fox commentators (including Big Ten homer Barry Alvarez) were talking about the “overmatched” and “overrated” Gators and second-guessing the strength of the SEC. Ha, ha, ha!

And I’m happier for nobody more than Chris Leak, who saved his best for last, starting 8 for 8, and coolly dissected the Buckeye defense all night. Go! Gators!

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4 Responses to A sweet parallel

  1. erich says:

    Wow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch this game, as I had (idiotically) scheduled a flight to Germany for last night. I just got online to check the score, and, well, damn. Personally I think LSU got slept on as well. Go SEC!

  2. cbd says:

    Total Gator domination, excepting the first play. They moved the ball at will and completely crushed Ohio State’s offense. Numbers:

    Yards: 370 to 82
    First downs: 21 to 8
    Time of possession: 40:48 to 19:12
    Conversions: 12 for 23 to 1 for 10

    Heck, even Vandy put up more offense against Florida this year than the Buckeyes.

  3. Chris H says:

    It was pretty cool to watch the game, but being here in G-ville, it was like a riot touched off! After the game, for at least an hour, there were fireworks popping off and a dull but steady roar of fans. For all that though, only one guy got hurt. He was hit by a car streaking across University Ave. I usually despise sports, but this ensnared me. Gator Nationalism…

  4. cbd says:

    Julie, your comment reminds me I’m still waiting on the DVD of the game my father-in-law promised me. Might have to get it off iTunes, where you can get the hoops game too, for a few bucks.

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