Joe Clark Micropatronage

I meant to do this before the break, but better late than never. I just pitched in $77.77, which is about 1% of Joe’s goal (given a currency conversion). Joe’s asking for support for about four months. My guess is he’ll get done more in that time than most humans do in a year.

I’m most interested in the work with standards Joe is proposing. Without a doubt, the current state of standards, web and otherwise, leaves something to be desired. Hopefully the methods and lessons learned by the O&CP can be applied to other areas where standardization is (or isn’t) working.

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One Response to Patronizing

  1. stacey says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this project! I’ll be sure to start spreading the word via the library barking-chain. Wow- this will affect all of us- I really hope he can pull it off.

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