Zero time

Dear friends and family: thanks to your generosity, Madelyn is the proud owner of 3,291,749 toys. She has enough clothes to last even the coldest winter. And books! Madelyn has books.

So, it’s time to play “zero time” with these things; if one comes in, one goes out. (You’d think this wouldn’t be a problem for clothes. But Madelyn is a shrimp. She’s wearing the same stuff she wore six months ago. Perhaps that will change soon.)

Zero time is also what I feel like, still. I thought I’d get things straightened out around here by the end of January. Apparently not.

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2 Responses to Zero time

  1. tengrrl says:

    Can’t we just make a tarball some of that stuff and archive it for later?

  2. cbd says:

    Yes! What’s the Unix command I’d most likely want to apply to my life right now? Brilliant. This demands a separate post. Now, when will I find the time?

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