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Time lapse

This video of Madelyn “driving” her truck is pretty funny, but it’s even better as a time lapse. Here’s a full size time lapse (640×480 QuickTime). It’s easy to make these lo-fi videos with QuickTime Pro: Open the movie in … Continue reading

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New Linux

Since Madelyn reached toddler stage Erin and I have used one desktop computer: our reliable PowerMac 2xG5. Two reasons: first, MED’s toddling was contemporary to our big-ass house renovation project, which involved moving everything to the basement, and we were … Continue reading

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New graduate students need to…

Why for most MA students reading, reading, and more reading are better than professionalizing via conferences, committees, etc. Continue reading

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Forty is the new eighty

It broke 40° today! It’s windy, but at least I didn’t feel like someone was rubbing ice on my forehead when I walked to school today. Actually, it felt warm. Erin and I laughed about this as we went to … Continue reading

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Madelyn is finally growing again. How can we tell? More napping, more nursing, more clumsiness, and a lot more eating. Holy cow, she’s packing in the food. Today she ate oatmeal, sweet potatoes, grapes, kiwi, and whole wheat pasta with … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous cataloging

Earlier this week, Bill Thompson and I finished (we think) “Ubiquitous cataloging,” which will appear in the McFarland volume Radical Cataloging: Challenges and Possibilities edited by K. R. Roberto. Quick summary: Web 2.0 is doing damn interesting stuff which for … Continue reading

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Idiot is pancakes

Idiot is pancakes. No, really. Scroll down a bit. Believe. via W. Blue

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The Google is about to offer Gmail to anyone who wants it (or at least anyone who can get text messages). Also, they are about to upgrade storage to 3 gigabytes per user. That’s a lot of disk space. Math … Continue reading

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