The Google is about to offer Gmail to anyone who wants it (or at least anyone who can get text messages). Also, they are about to upgrade storage to 3 gigabytes per user. That’s a lot of disk space. Math time!

1.2 billion net users * 3 gb per person =
3,600,000,000 gb / 500 gb per drive =
7,200,000 drives * 183.99 each =

$1.3 billion. Now, for me and you, it would take a little while to come up with that kinda cash. But not the folks from Mountain View!

$1,324,728,000 / ($3,077,446,000 profit in 2006 / 365 days) =
157.1 days

Or, a little more than five months.

It’s possible ordering 7.2 million hard drives will kick in a quantity discount. I’ll leave it to someone else to factor that in.

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3 Responses to Googleplexity

  1. stacey says:

    Whew! I’m glad they’re upgrading to 3GBs. I’m at 1.7GB and haven’t had time to go in and clean house…shudder.

    re: having to sign up using SMS…bleh! I’ve got 180 invites left if anyone wants one. heh heh ;D

  2. cbd says:

    1.7GB of email? Impressive. I don’t think I have that much, and I’ve got years of saved stuff…

  3. cbd says:

    Dave must have worked with Mr. Annis?

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