NCAA first round

Over at cgbvb, I wrote:

Add Texas Tech, Stanford, Purdue, and Georgia Tech to the list of “made it on conference cred.” (And I’m tempted to say Duke, but I’ll hush.)

All of the above teams have been eliminated, excepting Purdue, who hasn’t played yet. Go NCAA selection committee!

Update: OK, Purdue won; their reward is playing Florida Sunday night. The Gators took care of business (112-69 over Jackson St). Yes, yes.

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4 Responses to NCAA first round

  1. Erich says:

    My original plan was to watch only games by schools with which I have a current or former affiliation (so, Virginia and Florida), but after watching VCU come from behind to eliminate those Duke punks, I’m hooked. But I foolishly agreed to attend an overseas conference for which I’m leaving on the 22nd. Damn.

  2. cbd says:

    VCU is coached by Anthony Grant, a former Florida assistant.

    Also, CCCC occurs during the tourney every year, so I am used to watching while conferencing. It makes for a good time after schmoozing or listening to presentations all day.

  3. Erich says:

    Yeah, I could see the tourney being a good schmoozing opportunity. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it will be so easy to find a pub in Ireland or Wales showing the games. I was in Germany for the last bowl games this year, too. You’d think I’d learn.

    How old is Grant? That guy looks like he’s about 23.

  4. cbd says:

    Ah, and you’ll miss Six Nations by a week. Too bad.

    Grant came to Florida with BillyD, so I reckon he’s about the same age.

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