Florida 74
Purdue 67

Back in the round of sixteen! The Gators head to St. Louis thanks to a strong second half, especially the last five minutes, when they didn’t turn over the ball once and made Purdue fight for every basket. And Florida was 27-31 (87%) from the free throw line, including 14 straight free throws to end the game.

Purdue definitely proved they were tournament material today. I was wrong about that (whew).

Now Butler… ah, remember Mike Miller’s runner in the lane in 2000?

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3 Responses to Sixteen

  1. senioritis says:

    Purdue was a little worrisome in the early going, eh? But Florida! In our bracket, they take it all. Regardless, Noah is amazing.

  2. Erich says:

    WIth both Virginia and VCU having gone down in heart-breaking last-minute losses (U-Va to @#%$&! Tennessee, no less), Florida’s the only team left that I care about. It kind of feels like rooting for Goliath, though.

  3. cbd says:

    See, this is why the Gators are so great; Noah played well, but you can’t discount what Horford did, either. Seeing a big guy like him produce steals and crashing the offensive boards was amazing. Richard and Speights both came off the bench and played well. Brewer seemed to be in three places at once. And no Florida player missed a free throw after 7:57 in the second; they made fourteen straight to end the game.

    BTW, I think Goliath plays for Ohio State.

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